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Spiral Blue reaches top 3 in Planet Daily Challenge

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

We're incredibly proud to announce that our Piracy Early Warning System service has been selected as one of the 3 finalists of the Planet Daily Challenge, part of the Copernicus Masters competition. This was the result of a multi-phase evaluation over the past few months by experts from Planet and the European Commission.

Our Piracy Early Warning System will identify potentially suspicious vessels that are likely to pose a danger to ships passing through the Western Indian Ocean High Risk Area (HRA) by fusing data from Planet daily images, marine forecasts from Copernicus, previous pirate attacks, and ship beacons. This will reduce the need for costly countermeasures, potentially saving the maritime industry billions every year. It’s possible to see where law abiding ships are right now online, and with this service it’ll be possible to do this for law-breaking ships too.

Going forwards, we will be consulting with relevant stakeholders in the maritime, defence, resources, and insurance industries to understand how to best commercialise this service. Development of a proof of concept will progress simultaneously.

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