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Edge Computing for Space

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We've developed, launched, and space proven a carrier board for the Nvidia Jetson series of GPU powered system-on-modules, optimised for use in cubesats.  The Space Edge Computer is the combination of this carrier board, a  Jetson processing module, expanded storage, and a thermal management solution.

We work with customers to meet the requirements of their specific mission, such as adding additional connectors and optimising the thermal solution.  Contact us to find out what we can do for your mission.

Our flight proven Space Edge Computers have been hardware and software integrated with various sensors and satellite platforms:


  • JAI

  • Device Alab

  • FLIR

  • Satellogic

  • Esper Satellites Esperesso


  • SatRev Stork

  • Satellogic NuSat

  • SMC Optimus

  • UNSW Waratah Seed

  • Endurosat

  • Gilmour G-Sat

Space Edge Computer that enables AI in space and processes data at unparalleled speeds

Data sheet is available in USD by request.

Unlocking the Power of AI in Space

"Hyperspectral imagery poses a large data engineering challenge which Spiral Blue's onboard computing capability allows us to tackle ...

...We're glad to be working with Spiral Blue and leveraging their computing capability for our imaging systems.”

Shoaib Iqbal

CEO, Esper Satellite Imagery

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