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Deliver more than just raw images with

Space edge computing

Welcome to Spiral Blue.


We believe a myriad of problems people face on Earth today can be solved with space technologies - particularly Earth observation. Agriculture, mining, and financial services already benefit from Earth observation satellites today.


That's why we’re helping build the next generation of Earth observation satellites.


About us

Satellite images are incredibly powerful tools for organisations to better understand the world around them. New satellite systems are being launched that are capable of generating higher quality data more quickly than ever before. But limitations in bandwidth mean only a small fraction of the data that could be collected and turned into useful information is returned to the ground. 

This is where we come in.

We are building Space Edge - an onboard computer for Earth observation satellites that processes images on the satellite as they are collected. We use a mixture of old school remote sensing techniques and modern AI techniques to process raw image data into information, reducing the size of images. This can result in a reduction of 20-1000 times while retaining all the desired information of the original raw image. This frees satellites to return 20 times or more images, allowing a Space Edge equipped satellite to do the work of 20 satellites today.


Our team

Taofiq Headshot 2.JPG

Taofiq Huq

Founder and CEO

Space Engineer

Henry Zhong

Head of Machine Learning

AI Scientist

We were founded in 2017, in Sydney, Australia. We're both alumni at the University of New South Wales. We combine technical expertise in satellite engineering, mechanical engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Stay up to date on our progress

We're expecting to launch our first prototype in 2021. Click below to read about how we're progressing.