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Edge Computing Hardware Built For Space

SE-1: The Most Powerful Computer in Space outside of a Space Station

Spiral Blue recently gained space heritage by launching and operating our second generation edge computer in orbit.  This mission demonstrated our edge computing hardware, as well as our on orbit machine learning algorithms, telemetry, application management environment, and our ability to upload and execute third party applications post launch.

The flight proven hardware is available for purchase now, along with the middle-ware software and algorithms, all of which can be customised to your specific use case.  Contact us to discuss options and pricing.

A gamechanger for space tech accessibility:

1st Australian company in history to successfully develop, launch and operate an edge computer in space.

The minds behind the most powerful computer ever built for space, outside of a space station.

Your Code In Space - the only Australian program enabling anyone to run their code in space.

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About Us

At Spiral Blue, we've developed the capability and experience to design, build, launch and operate edge computing hardware in space.

Founded in 2018 to develop machine learning algorithms to operate onboard satellites, the company has grown and developed edge computing hardware and application management software in addition.

Spiral Blue has been awarded a Defence Innovation Hub contract and an Australian Space Agency grant among others.  We've raised investment, and more recently transitioned to hardware sales and software services contracts.

Our goal is to provide top notch service and products related to edge computing and its applications in orbit.  Contact us to find out how we can help!


Our Team


Taofiq Huq

Key Advisor

James Buttenshaw


Dr Henry Zhong

Head of AI

+ over 10 engineers, scientists, and advisors.

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