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Spiral Blue is unlocking a new era of data processing in space, having built and space-proven the Space Edge Computer — edge computing hardware specifically designed for the rugged space environment. 


The most powerful computer in space - outside of a space station - successfully completed it's space qualification mission in 2023.


This mission has flight-proven the advanced capabilities of Spiral Blue's edge computing hardware, in tandem with our proprietary machine learning algorithms.

SE-1 is the onboard computing system developed and space proven by Spiral Blue that enables on board edge processing capabilities for satellites.

Achieving space heritage in April 2023, it utilises NVIDIA modules to maximise processing power, whilst maintaining manageable power draw. 

Small Frame, Big Brain

At just 0.25U in size, SE-1 is making huge moves in space. The successful mission has made us the 1st Australian company in history to successfully operate an edge computer in space. As the most powerful computer in space outside of a space station, it streamlined space heritage for customers to test custom machine learning applications in orbit.

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About Us

Spiral Blue is a Sydney-based SME that is leading the next generation of on-board processing. The Space Edge Computer enables satellites to unlock a new realm of data processing with artificial intelligence. 

Since being founded in 2018, Spiral Blue hardware is already supporting several customer missions to process data on board satellites for varied use cases. The success of the SE-1 computer has made Spiral Blue the first Australian company in history to develop and operate AI hardware in space. This also paved the way for the YCIS program - the first of its kind in Australia - that allows users to test their code in space.


Spiral Blue has previously launched three SE-Z prototypes, with an additional eight SE-1 computers scheduled for launch in 2024, bringing the total number of computers in orbit to twelve.


1st Australian company in history to successfully develop, launch and operate an edge computer in space.

The minds behind the most powerful computer ever built for space, outside of a space station.

Your Code In Space - the only Australian program enabling anyone to run their code in space.


Our Team


Taofiq Huq

Founder & CEO


MJ Akter

Chief Marketing Officer


Liana Sellam

Mission Manager


Bipul Neupane

Head of GIS

+ over 10 engineers, scientists, and advisors.

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