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Countdown to launch: 5 SB Computers to launch in March 2024

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch, and 5x Space Edge Computers from Spiral Blue. Edge computing hardware for satellites.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

[13th February 2024, Sydney] – In a huge milestone for the Australian startup, Spiral Blue is delighted to announce that five of their SE-1 edge computers will be launching to space in March 2024.

5 Computers to Launch
Diagram highlighting 5 space edge computers that are launching to space in March 2024.

Of the 5 computers launching in March 2024, 2x SE-1 computers will be operated by the company, and 3x SE-1 computers will be part of customer missions. These customer launches mark a new era for Spiral Blue, with multiple additional launches scheduled for later in the year.

Following the inaugural SE-1 launch in January 2023, Spiral Blue became the first Australian company to successfully operate an edge computer in space. This allowed the company to be the first in Australia to conduct Machine Learning analysis in orbit, and launch the YCIS (Your Code In Space) program which allows customers to test drive Spiral Blue hardware in orbit.

4 Aboard Transporter-10
Diagram highlighting 4 Spiral Blue computers that are launching on the SpaceX Transporter-10 mission.

4x SE-1 computers will be launching across two satellites on the SpaceX Transporter-10 mission. 

Three will fly with the Space Machines Optimus vehicle. Of these, two will be operated by Spiral Blue as part of Project Rainbow Python, alongside the third which is part of a customer payload.

There is an additional customer mission carrying SE-1 that is also launching on Transporter-10.

3 Satellites
Diagram showing the 3 satellite missions launching in March that are carrying the Spiral Blue SE-1 space edge computer.

The launches span across 3x satellites, two of which are for customer missions.

Of those launching on Transporter-10, 3x SE-1 computers are flying with the Space Machines Optimus vehicle as part of Project Rainbow Python. 

An additional customer satellite launching on Transporter-10 will fly with 1x SE-1 computer on board.

A third satellite will carry 1x SE-1 as part of a customer’s payload on a separate launch.

2 Rocket Launches
Diagram showing that a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and another rocket are launching Spiral Blue edge computing hardware to orbit.

The SpaceX Transporter-10 mission is a rideshare to deliver customer satellites to a sun synchronous orbit. It is currently scheduled to launch in March 2024 from Cape Canaveral, Florida aboard a Falcon 9 rocket.

An additional launch is carrying a SE-1 as part of a customer payload in March 2024.

1 Space Edge Computer
Diagram displaying the rockets carrying the satellites for missions that utilise the Spiral Blue SE-1 space edge computer.

Based on the NVIDIA Jetson series, SE-1 is the onboard computing system developed and space proven by Spiral Blue that enables on board edge processing capabilities for satellites.

The SE-1 utilises NVIDIA Xavier NX modules to maximise processing power, whilst maintaining manageable power draw. It is the most powerful computer in space outside of a space station with customisations and add-ons available.

Spiral Blue CEO, James Buttenshaw is excited to be launching more computers into orbit, stating,

"This batch will allow us to continue the success of our 2023 mission where we enabled multiple customers to run Machine Learning applications in space.  Furthermore, these will be the first of our customer launches!  We are so proud to be supplying hardware to support multiple space missions."

What’s next?

With two YCIS available SE-1 computers on board, the Transporter-10 launch will mark an expansion of the program that enables anyone to run their code on Spiral Blue hardware in orbit. 

2024 will be a huge year for Spiral Blue, with additional SE-1 computers scheduled to launch later in the year, as well as the release of the next generation space edge computer by Q3. The SE-2, which is based on the Orin NX, will boast greater processing power as an additional product offering alongside the history-making SE-1. 

For YCIS and / or hardware enquiries, please contact

Spiral Blue media contact

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About Spiral Blue

Spiral Blue is a Sydney-based SME leading the next generation of onboard processing with artificial intelligence and Space Edge Computing. Spiral Blue technology has applications in agriculture, defence, city planning, utilities, and other industries. The success of the Space Edge One (SE-1) computer, operating flawlessly in orbit since April 2023, has made the organisation the first Australian company in history to develop and operate AI hardware in space. In addition to SE-1, Spiral Blue has previously launched three Space Edge Zero prototypes, with an additional eight SE-1 computers scheduled for launch in 2024, bringing the total number of computers in orbit to 12.



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