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Breaking Ground in Edge Computing: Spiral Blue Empowers India's Digital Future

Updated: Jan 4

Spiral Blue AI hardware empowers KaleidEO to become the 1st Indian company to achieve edge computing in Landmark India-Australia Collaboration.

[2nd October 2023, Sydney] – As part of the YCIS (Your Code In Space) initiative by Australian startup Spiral Blue, Bengaluru based KaleidEO successfully conducted machine learning data analysis in space by harnessing the power of Spiral Blue’s SE-1 space edge computer, enabling them to become the 1st Indian company in history to demonstrate edge computing.

This landmark collaboration between Australian based Spiral Blue, and India based KaleidEO exemplifies the synergy between the two nations at the forefront of technological innovation. The strategic partnership is paving the way for a new era of data processing in space.

Combining Spiral Blue's expertise and SE-1 computer in orbit, KaleidEO has achieved a historic milestone as the first Indian company to demonstrate edge computing by participating in Spiral Blue’s YCIS program. KaleidEO’s road mapping machine learning algorithm resulted in a 99.7% data size reduction from 1004 to 3.063 mb, using AI hardware developed by Spiral Blue. This collaboration signifies the power of international cooperation, serving as a testament to the incredible potential that YCIS holds in enabling participants to achieve space heritage, significantly lowering barriers to entry.

As the first of its kind in Australia, YCIS empowers anyone, including developers, researchers and innovators from around the world, to run their custom code on Spiral Blue's cutting-edge SE-1 space edge computer, facilitating real-time AI processing on satellite imagery to unlock unparalleled insights from space.

“For the first SE-1 in orbit to enable two nations to make history within weeks of each other is a monumental achievement. We are excited to see what our AI hardware and YCIS program bring next“ shared James Buttenshaw, Spiral Blue Co-Founder and CTO.

Lead Software Engineer, Charlie Wilson added “We are glad to have made it possible for KaleidEO to achieve this historic milestone with our edge computing expertise, and additional software support”

"This unique collaboration helped us test the edge devices to its limits, where we could pull off 80 times faster execution than traditional algorithms while reducing the data volume by 99%, while also making the algorithms robust enough for different weather conditions," said Arya Pratap Singh, Machine Learning Engineer at KaleidEO.

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About Spiral Blue

Spiral Blue is a Sydney-based SME leading the next generation of onboard processing with artificial intelligence and Space Edge Computing. Spiral Blue technology has applications in agriculture, defence, city planning, utilities, and other industries. The success of the Space Edge One (SE-1) computer, operating flawlessly in orbit since April 2023, has made the organisation the first Australian company in history to develop and operate AI hardware in space. In addition to SE-1, Spiral Blue has previously launched three Space Edge Zero prototypes, with an additional six SE-1 computers scheduled for launch in 2024, bringing the total number of computers in orbit to ten.

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