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Spiral Blue awarded Minimum Viable Product Grant from NSW Government

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The Nvidia Jetson Nano will form the core of Spiral Blue's first product Space Edge Zero. (Source: Nvidia)

Spiral Blue was recently awarded the Minimum Viable Product Grant (MVP Grant) from the New South Wales state government. This was the result of a competitive application process.

This grant will see Spiral Blue's first space edge computing product Space Edge Zero move from the proof of concept stage to the prototype stage. Space Edge Zero will be tested in simulated space environments, including a vacuum chamber and radiation testing chamber. This will position Spiral Blue to begin pre-sales of Space Edge Zero at the completion of this grant project.

We are starting with testing the Jetson Nano, which will form the core of Space Edge Zero. This will include running our ship detection algorithm on the compact computer. We are also testing thermal control components in lab experiments.

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