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We only have one planet. And while humanity’s future may be among the stars, we need to work to protect the Earth today. Space technology and Earth observation hold the key to this, enabling all of us to better understand and manage our planet. We are working to benefit billions of people - enabling a future where climate change, illegal fishing, natural disasters, and other challenges are managed in an informed manner with data from space.

Our edge

Our civilisation faces immense challenges that threaten to undo everything that humanity has strived for. This is why we have built our company around speed. Our execution speed and pace of innovation is unparalleled in the space industry, allowing us to go from launch agreement signature to space launch in less than 6 months. This naturally helps us deliver the right information at the right time with low costs, fast lead times, and easy accessibility - all at zero minimum order quantities.

Meet The Team

At Spiral Blue, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. Our founders have over 30 years of experience in space, systems engineering, and artificial intelligence. With almost 20 engineers, developers, advisors and contractors, we’re your trusted partner for understanding the planet.

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We begin exploring Earth observation

Innovation in Earth observation was seen as "done" at this time, so we started to look at areas that had not been addressed previously, such as maritime piracy and monitoring local supply chains.


Spiral Blue incorporated, AI development begins

We decided to focus on maritime surveillance initially, and so started work with Vessel Detect.


The beginning of Space Edge Computing

After winning a grant from the NSW state government, we begin working on the first prototype Space Edge Computer.


First Space Edge Computer built, DIH contract win

We built the first flight model Space Edge Computer and sent it off to be launched, and won our first revenue from the Australian Defence Innovation Hub to develop Vessel Detect.

First launch, ASA grant win

First launch, ASA grant win

We had our first launch, flying with SatRevolution onboard Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne rocket. We also won a grant from the Australian Space Agency.

Second launch, AMGC grant win

Second launch, AMGC grant win

We're starting 2022 off with a bang, with our second launch with SatRevolution and another grant won, this time from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre

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