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Presenting at Fishburners for Catalysr Demo Day

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

After 6 months of deep mentorship, workshops, and fireside chats alongside the other migrant entrepreneurs in the 2018-19 Catalysr cohort, Spiral Blue has now graduated Catalysr. The program ended with a Demo Day at Fishburners, Australia's largest coworking community for tech startups. The Demo Day consisted of pitches from each member of the Catalysr cohort, bookended by networking around stands set up to host publicity materials and demos of each of the Catalysr startups.

The Demo Day was ultimately a success for Spiral Blue, particularly as the lead up had allowed us to greatly improve on our short form pitch, helping make it palatable to a non-technical audience while still highly engaging. Several individuals approached us privately afterwards, seeking future meetings and discussions around our technology and how they might best support us.

Of course, the incredible support we've been provided by Catalysr doesn't stop here. We look forward to working with Catalysr and other Catalysr alumni going forwards.



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