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Spiral Blue brings space closer than ever with Cobalt

Updated: Oct 26


10:30AM, 5/10/2022 , Sydney

What you want, when you want.

The future of satellite imagery is here thanks to Cobalt - the latest space product offering from Spiral Blue.

Currently operational with a major customer, Cobalt is a user-friendly tasking interface that allows anyone to task satellites, and acquire satellite imagery.

Users can request 70cm-100cm resolution imagery provided by Satellogic, delivered by Cobalt in as little as 1 day. Turnaround within a week, or month is also available.

Start ordering satellite imagery now. Get in touch with Spiral Blue to create an account.

Imagery providers are also invited to integrate their tasking service with Cobalt by contacting Spiral Blue.

What's next?

Upcoming updates to Cobalt include running analytics on ordered imagery including, but not limited to:

  • Canopy mapping

  • Coastal erosion

  • Fire severity

  • Water body mapping

Ultimately, Cobalt will include a marketplace that allows users to choose and list analysis apps, with analysis conducted on Space Edge Computers on board satellites where appropriate.

Spiral Blue media contact

About Spiral Blue

Spiral Blue is a Sydney-based spacetech startup building the next generation of Earth observation services with artificial intelligence and Space Edge Computing. Spiral Blue technology has applications in defence, city planning, utilities, and other industries. Founded in 2018, the company has recently launched its first Space Edge Zero prototypes to orbit, and is now continuing to gather further in orbit performance data. Spiral Blue is a member of the Wolfpack Space Hub.

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