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Taking computing to the final frontier: Spiral Blue delivers SE-1H for hyperspectral sensor

Updated: Jan 4

17:30PM, 6/10/2022, Sydney

Taking computing to the final frontier

Detect asteroids, and satellites in star fields; develop navigation systems for planet based rovers; revolutionise computer vision for robotic arms, and more. Space has no bounds, and nor does Space Edge One Hyperspectral (SE-1H) - the latest iteration of Spiral Blue Space Edge Computers.

Space Edge One Hyperspectral.

Spiral Blue is delighted to announce that they have delivered an engineering model of SE-1H to Esper Satellite Imagery for Project Rainbow Python from the AMGC Commercialisation Fund. Spiral Blue recently received hardware from its supply chain manufacturers and completed factory acceptance testing, before shipping the computer and support hardware to Esper in Melbourne. Working alongside Esper, Spiral Blue developed a variant of the Space Edge One hardware, as well as custom software, to support the mission requirements. Space Edge One Hyperspectral (SE-1H) makes up a critical part of Esper’s tech stack.

"We're glad to be working with Spiral Blue and leveraging their computing capability for our imaging systems. Hyperspectral imagery poses a large data engineering challenge which Spiral Blue's onboard computing capability allows us to tackle.” - Shoaib Iqbal, CEO of Esper Satellite Imagery.

Developed specifically for this mission, Space Edge One Hyperspectral (SE-1H) supports:

  • Interfacing directly with an imager for power and communication

  • Flexible power supply options

  • Various interfaces for satellite communication

  • Standard Space Edge One features:

    • Jetson Xavier NX System On Module

    • Large onboard storage options

Spiral Blue is also developing custom software to support interfacing with the Esper computer.

The integration of their hardware with ours marks a significant step in affordable, lean hyperspectral imagery from space, especially for time critical climate and emergency applications." - Shoaib Iqbal, CEO of Esper Satellite Imagery.

Why edge computing?

Earth observation is becoming cheaper, quicker, and easier with new and cutting edge space technology. Spiral Blue is solving the downlink problem by processing images on board satellites - allowing for more data to be downlinked, faster. This is made possible using Space Edge Computers.

Spiral Blue is thrilled to be pushing the edges of computing and to continue development of new and cutting edge space technologies to make Earth observation more accessible.

"We're proud to be supporting Esper tackle the enormous challenge of climate change with their hyperspectral satellite constellation. Edge computing will be an important component of Esper's satellites, for making insights derived from this imagery as accessible as possible to everyone." - Taofiq Huq, Spiral Blue CEO.

Project Rainbow Python is also supported by Dandelions, UNSW Sydney, and Saber Astronautics. Project partner, Dandelions, will be developing and testing new materials onboard the missions and assisting Spiral Blue, and Esper with simulations expertise. Academic partner, UNSW Sydney, will be providing testing facilities, and access to space systems engineering expertise. Saber Astronautics will also be providing missions operations, and pre-launch engineering support. The launches will be hosted by Space Machines Company, and Modularity Space.

Esper Satellite Imagery media contact

Spiral Blue media contact

About Esper Satellite Imagery

Esper, founded in 2019, is a Melbourne-based startup building space-based hyperspectral sensors for Earth observation to track climate metrics such as carbon emissions and carbon sinks for Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Mining and many other industries utilising their proprietary sensor technology. Esper, with a mission to track 5B tons of carbon emissions annually, will launch their first pair of sensors in May of 2023, dubbed the "Over The Rainbow" mission, which will then be followed by a larger sensor network of 18 sensors in orbit.

About Spiral Blue

Spiral Blue is a Sydney-based SME focused on building the next generation of Earth observation services with artificial intelligence and Space Edge Computing. Spiral Blue technology has applications in defence, city planning, utilities, and other industries. Founded in 2018, the company has recently launched its first Space Edge Zero prototypes to orbit, and is now continuing to gather further in orbit performance data. Spiral Blue is a member of the Wolfpack Space Hub.

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