Next Generation Satellite Imaging

Keep track of what’s important

Satellite images are the easiest and most affordable way to collect the right information at the right time for our planet. Monitor what's happening in another continent from the comfort of your own desk. 


Industries as diverse as agriculture, defence, financial services, utilities, mining, and city planning already benefit from satellite imaging today.


We are working with an international network of imaging partners to provide you the right images for your use case.


Raw images

Access raw satellite imagery from our network of image providers. We can provide high resolution multispectral and hyperspectral.

Analysis ready

We provide preprocessed L1 data with cloud masking cropped to your area of interest to help you reduce data preparation costs.


NDVIs and other indexes, locations of building footprints, forest canopy masks, locations of ships, change detection, and more.


We can help provide the right data sources for your decision support tool, to help your customers get the right information at the right time.

Other Data Types

We can secure synthetic aperture radar, AIS data, infrared images, and non-space-based data sources to empower your organisation.

Your code in space

Process Earth observation data on the satellite itself with your code, and pay nothing to access satellite images using Space Edge Services.

Imaging partners

How will you use our satellite images?

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