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Spiral Blue Delivers SE-1 Space Edge Computer for Waratah Seed Mission

Updated: Jan 4

[13th September 2023, Sydney] – Spiral Blue is delighted to announce the delivery of their SE-1 payload to Waratah Seed - Australia's first ride-share mission, flying an Australian-built 6U CubeSat into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 launcher in February 2024.

James Buttenshaw (Spiral Blue) and Patrick Oppel (Waratah Seed) with the SE-1 payload.

SE-1 is the latest Space Edge Computer developed by Spiral Blue. The history making, AI enabled computer is solving the downlink problem by conducting analysis on board satellites in real time, including bushfire detection, vessel detection, canopy mapping, water body mapping, cloud clipping, image compression and cropping. The first SE-1 computer developed by Spiral Blue launched in January 2023 is the most powerful computer in space, outside of a space station, as well as the first edge computer in history to be successfully developed and operated in space by an Australian company.

“The fact that Waratah Seed is a wholly Australian mission is extremely exciting. To be developing this capability in Australia is amazing and it's an honour to be a part of that.” – James Buttenshaw, Spiral Blue CTO.

Spiral Blue is excited to bring our expertise in space edge computing, and AI as part of this pioneering mission. We are proud to reach this latest milestone, and look forward to the launch next year.

Spiral Blue media contact

About Spiral Blue

Spiral Blue is enabling the next generation of Earth observation services with artificial intelligence and Space Edge Computing. Spiral Blue technology has applications in defence, city planning, utilities, and other industries. Founded in 2018, the company has recently launched its second generation of Space Edge Computer to orbit, the first Space Edge One, which is now beginning on board application testing for customers.

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